Academic Services

We provide comprehensive services that cover a broad range of academic disciplines including Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Sociology, Economics, Business, Political Sciences, Astronomy and many more.

Scientific editing by scientists

Manuscript Services*

Every international peer reviewed journal has very high publication standards. More than 90% of the manuscripts are rejected early in the review process due to the fact that they are poorly written. We provide excellent service that transforms your manuscripts.

Don't let your first impression be the last impression but instead let it be a lasting impression

We offer a range of editorial services to help you prepare a submission-ready manuscript:

Premium Editing Service

This service includes comprehensive language and structural editing of the manuscript to increase chances of journal acceptance.

Advanced Editing Service

This service includes a complete language, grammar, and terminology check to give you a publication-ready manuscript.

Translation with Editing Service

Write your paper in French and EnPro Language Solutions will translate it into English, as well as edit/proofread it to ensure that it meets international publication standards.

Other Academic Services

International Grant Application Services*

We understand the importance of clear and efficient communication when it comes to grant writing. We provide editing and proofreading service for European grants (such as Marie Curie Fellowships, EMBO Fellowships, Human Frontier Science Program etc).

European & International Patent Application Services*

Patents play an important role in protecting your inventions. It is essential that the international patent applications are written clearly and intelligibly. We offer an excellent service comprising advanced level editing and proofreading. We will, if possible, liaise with your patent attorney to make sure the edited text complies with their standards.

For a personal quote, please contact us on info@enprols.fr

*We are committed to customer satisfaction and we have high standards in place to ensure confidentiality. We can provide a 'Confidentiality Agreement' upon request.