French Services

We can help you with anything French-related that you are struggling with (phone calls made on your behalf, French bureaucracy, administrative help, English-to-French translations, writing letters, proofreading/editing/writing French text, all round general advice).

Services offered include:

- Relocation assistance [local estate agents, household insurance etc]

- Childcare and School [advice including admin, paperwork etc]

- Opening a bank account

- Passport renewal

- Birth certificates

- Utilities, phone and internet

- Emergencies [ex: finding a plumber, electrician etc]

- Pets

This list is not exhaustive!

For a personal quote, please contact us on frenchstuff@enprols.fr or call us on 06 66 11 41 82

*We are committed to customer satisfaction and we have high standards in place to ensure confidentiality. We can provide a 'Confidentiality Agreement' upon request.